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Womans In Combat Essay, Research Paper

A General FrameworkWhen I think about adult females in combat, I think about the yearss of the Revolutionary War, adult females assisting their hubbies to lade cannons or I think about the ground forces nurses who played critical functions overseas during the Vietnam struggle. I besides think about adult females helicopter pilots supplying air support to our soldiers and crewmans during Operation Desert Storm. One twelvemonth ago when I enlisted into the Army I ne’er even considered that I would be expected to function in an existent combat function nor did I fall in the ground forces to be able to see any combat state of affairs other than developing. However, today there are several advocators of the Equal Rights Amendment who believe that adult females in the armed forces should be allowed to function this state in combat functions.

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Although I have heard legion arguments on telecasting and read about them in newspaper articles, I have yet to hear an enlisted adult females verbalise her desire to function as an? Infantrywomen? or an? Armored Tank Crewmember? . It seems to me that the lone people contending for more combat functions for adult females in the armed forces are adult females who are non in the military. Womans do non belong in the combat zones during military struggles. It disrupts the overall lesson and personal preparedness of the unit.

A Specific FocusW

ith my subject, I will cover, for case, with statistics, the physical facets required in combat state of affairss, sexual torment, and many other related issues. I besides plan to interview several adult females in my unit to see merely precisely how adult females in the military feel about functioning in combat functions.

If the United States is to stay the universe & # 8217 ; s most capable and most powerful military power ; we need to hold the best individual in each occupation, unluckily, for most combat places the best individual is traveling to be a male. The huge bulk of enlisted adult females do non desire to be in combat and a great many of the female officers do non desire to be in combat. It & # 8217 ; s a little minority that promote Women in Combat and the remainder of us would instead non hold them order what our hereafter occupations will be in the armed forces or the hereafter of those adult females who may be interested in enlisting or traveling for a committee in the hereafter. I did non fall in the ground forces to contend wars ; I joined so that the work forces in the ground forces could contend wars. I like to experience that my occupation allows our marchers the ability to travel to where the combat is and to be assured that their forces, finance, and communicating concerns are being managed while they are off supporting our state. I am a adult female and I know that I have no concern contending side-by-side with my male opposite numbers.