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         Women suffrage was  a time period where women weren’t allowed to
vote , but men were. Many women disagreed with this and started a movement.  The American Women’s Suffrage Association
wrote a letter that explained how women wanted to have the same rights as men.  It was written by a group of women who truly
believed men and women should be treated equally.   Because of this strong belief , many
problems arose.  Women were expected to
stay home, cook, clean,  and take care of
the children. However , they would much rather be doing something more


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                This movement really began in 1897 Millicent Fawcett  founded a group called the National Union Of
Women’s  Suffrage. She believed that all
women should have the right to vote, like all men. She believed that protests
should be peaceful in order to gain the trust of the men and persuade them to
understand their reasoning for wanting their right to vote . Her plan was to be
patient, logical ,and free of any violence. She raised logical arguments that
women could hold responsible positions in society , like being members of the
school boards , however they were not trusted to vote. She made an argument
that if men made laws that women had to obey, why shouldn’t women be a part of
the law making process. Furthermore, if women had to pay taxes just like men had
to , then why  can’t they have the same
rights as men do. As good as she was at explaining why women should have equal
rights, her progress was slow. About six years later in 1903, Emmaline
Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia, founded a group called the
Women’s Social and Political Union. They, like Millicent Fawcett, believed
women should be able to vote, but they were not very patient.   They resorted to yelling at officials in
meetings and when they received fines because of it, they refused to pay them. They
continued to interrupt meetings – this often resorted to them being physically
removed from meetings. The group grew into many women, now being called The
Suffragettes. They also got increasingly more violent and even burned down a
church because it was against women’s rights. Some members even attacked
politicians on their way to work. When some of them went to prison, they
refused to eat causing them to be weak. When they became very weak, they would
be released from prison because they would be to weak to cause trouble. They
were thrown back in prison for any little thing to keep them from becoming
violent. This was called the “Cat and mouse act”. As a result the
suffragettes became even more violent and extreme.  They blew up part of a politicians house at
one point, even though he was thought to be a supporter of women’s rights. But
the violence and arguments were put on hold when Britain and Europe were
engulfed in World War One in August of 1914. Emmaline demanded the Suffragettes
stop all campaigning and violence and support the government in every way.


of the work done by women in the war, in 1918 the Representation of the People
Act was passed by parliament. The bill was passed with a huge amount of
support. The votes were 385 for to 55 against.  The suffragettes were surprised ! This gave
women over the age of 30 the right to vote. So even though not all women could
vote, it was a huge start.

       Fast forward to today and women and men
share equal rights. Women can do almost anything they set their minds to , such
as  joining the military, members of the
police force, firefighters , doctors, lawyers and even running for president!
through determination, and education ,women can do anything.