Wonder is an extraordinary novel. From feelings of love, grace and compassion, to pain, sadness and grief.

With a huge diversity of characters, each one with there specific feelings, lifestyles and needs . Most displaying these beautiful virtues in different ways. Mr.Browne’s precept ” Kind words don’t cost much. Yet they accomplish so much”, relates to the story in numerous ways, like simple acts, family and friends In the beginning of the novel, August goes to school for the first time.

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( Before he was homeschooled ), And it was hard. All the kids were talking about him behind his back, making hideous jokes, and making up cruel games like “the plague”, like he was some monster, or ogre. It was not a very good start. But at lunch, one person, who was Summer Dawson. Went out of her usual table sit with him.

The only compassionate thing anyone did to him. Referring to the quote, ” Kind words don’t cost much. Yet they accomplish so much.”. Making the decision to sit beside him did not cost much, or anything at all.

But, it had accomplished something great, August was alone, and humiliated. But Summer had the compasion, more than anyone else had, despite his face and what her friends were saying. she gave a slight effort and “accomplished much”. Family is more caring than any friend, especially August’s family. The most compassionate people presented in the novel wonder would be Mr.

and Mrs Pullman. They have been completely supportive of their son, always giving what he needs. Being there for him, they show a good example of compassion. Of course, all humans make mistakes, even parents. But that doesn’t mean that they are terrible, Augusts parents did makes some mistakes, even Olivia.

But they did it for a greater purpose, for example from wonder, ” You were wearing that helmet all the time. And the real, real, real real truth is: I missed seeing your face, Auggie. I know you don’t always love it, but you have to understand . .

. I love it. I love this face of yours, Auggie, completely and passionately.

And it kind of broke my heart that you were always covering it up.” By Mr. Pullman  Even if August had the most ugly facial deformities.

His family always loves him. Miranda is one of the main characters in the novel. Her parents got divorced the summer before ninth grade, she lives with her mom, who doesn’t speak much to her, ( not very compassionate ) but despite all she went through. She still has a kind heart for people, Like August.

Ever since Miranda made friends with Olivia in grade 1.  Miranda would play with August, she even watch all the starwars movies for his sake. They even gave each other nicknames like “major tom”. Miranda has shown many acts of kindness, just like Jack, he also made acts of kindness because, he was nice enough to include August and sit beside him in every class. He was a supportive friend all year. There were some bad parts, but they got over it, like good friends. Therefore, back to Mr. browne’s quote ” Kind words don’t cost much.

Yet they accomplish so much” is extremely evident in the novel wonder. Those were just a few examples of kindness in the novel. Wonder shows many other emotions like anger, bitterness and others.  Not only does compassion appear repeatedly in this novel, but all the other virtues like Love and patience.

 And many more.