Artist: Giulio Romano (Orbetto)noun1. fetter, shackle[Origin: 13th century; Middle English]HOWARD’S USAGE:Crack of a whip in the dusky air,Clatter of brazen wheels on the stones,Thunders of drums and a trumpet flare,And the king of kings is passing there,While the wind o’ the ages drones.Bronze face limned in the crimson sun,Helmet of gold with a regal feather,Flaming cloak that a princess spun,Sandals of tinted leather.…..Serfs and barons, knights of the lists,Silver shackles upon their wrists(But silver is sister to rugged steel);Though proudly they wear their gleaming gyves,And proudly they strut, they live their livesChained to the chariot wheel.[from “Custom”; to read the complete poem see The Collected Poetry of Robert E.

Howard, p. 298]

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