Based on this we shall analyze on what footing the Bilbao Museum was build and the immense impact it had on iconic architecture. Consequently, we will compare it with the scheme Abu Dhabi metropolis used to construct its iconic status-including the choice of Jean Nouvelle, a starchitect, the transcript of a new Louvre and how they estimate this will set up their metropolis as an iconic symbol. Particular focal point will be provided on the issue of the starchitects and whether it takes a celebrated family name to do an iconic edifice, in a separate chapter. Finally decisions will be drawn.

KEYWORDS: Bilbao, iconic, Louvre, Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim, regeneration


Object of survey

Can a metropolis be changed through architecture? Harmonizing to Campbell ( 2009 ) yes, since “ Gehry ‘s motion establishes the foundations of a alteration whereby the universe was ready to ship upon an wholly new and different attack to societal and cultural structural designaˆ¦ this factor in and of itself every bit good as the myriad other visitants who could appreciate the museum ‘s magnitude from a layman position, non merely boosted Bilbao economically but besides socially, architecturally and structurally every bit good ” .As seen in the above text, Gehry ‘s work is considered by many to be the laminitis of iconic edifice ( or re-founder in presents ) . This specific context became my enterprise to research more, because as explained by Sudjic ( 2005 ) , “ every ambitious metropolis wants an designer to make for them what they think Utzon ‘s opera House did for Sydney and Frank Gehry and the Guggenheim did for Bilbao ” .It seems so evident that in our yearss the above statement applies more than of all time before.

Undouptly, Ictinus and Kallikratis had their portion on selling iconic design, but the planetary consequence of iconic architecture is merely now get downing to reflect. The same applies for the 2nd instance survey of this paper, that for Jean Nouvel ‘s work in Louvre Abu Dhabi. While Nouvel is non a new designer and his work is good known and established, it seems that it was the Bilbao consequence that has led many metropoliss to research which starchitect could enrich and restitute them, as Abu Dhabi did in his instance. Based on this, this essay shall analyze on what footing the Bilbao established its iconic position and compare it with the effort by Abu Dhabi ‘s authorities to make a museum territory the metropolis. Second the immense impact Bilbao had upon iconic architecture and on that footing this paper shall compare Abu Dhabi ‘s pick to construct its iconic position, its schemes that led them to choose Jean Nouvel ‘s and others work and how they estimate such picks will set up their metropolis as an iconic symbol. To reason, I shall discourse whether iconic architecture has the power to socially, economically, architecturally and structurally change metropoliss through regeneration.

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On that spirit, another interesting facet of this research is the penchant shown in modern art edifices and chiefly museums, to advance metropolis regeneration. In add-on, one interesting degree is be to research whether the work of an unknown designer can transfuse metropolis regeneration, by utilizing short illustrations of historic edifices that were turned into iconic edifices, for illustration the Parthenon, Taj Mahal etc.

Work already done by theoreticians / Literature reappraisal

“ The traditional mission of a museum is basically cultural. This does non use for all museums, nevertheless. There are some minority, although universally celebrated museums, such as the Tate Liverpool, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Tate Modern London or the new extroverted Louvre-Lens ( France ) , Pompidou-Metz ( France ) , Guggenheim Hermitage ( Lithuania ) and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi ( United Arab Emirates ) , whose chief purpose is the reactivation ( and/or variegation ) of the economic system of their metropoliss ” ( Plaza and Haarich, 2009 ) . Therefore, there are legion ways to analyze the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum consequence ( Ch.3.

1 ) . First, a expression on Gehry ‘s work ( ch.2.

1 ) , and so a comparing with the work done by Jean Nouvelle at Abu Dhabi. More significantly to derive penetration to what constitutes the iconic edifice: is it the designer, the design or its uniqueness ( Ch.4 ) ? One would inquire whether the reproduction of a similar museum in another metropolis would supply the metropolis the same reactivation ( ch.5 ) . Using Louvre Abu Dhabi ( ch.3.

2. ) as an illustration, this paper will seek to reply this inquiry. “ Cardinal to this attack was the usage of modern art museums as magnets for touristry and inward investing ” ( Baniotopoulou, 2009 ) , which seems to be the enticement before Abu Dhabi ‘s actions. The impact of Gehry ‘s museum had a phenomenal success in the history of architecture, which about marked its ain epoch and necessarily altered the architectural way the universe took subsequent to 1997 ( Campbell, 2009 ) . This is called by many theoreticians, the Bilbao effectaˆ¦..

it became hence indispensable to analyze if did a project-led regeneration plan preceded its success or is it a edifice that can stand everyplace and reflect on its ain? Was it a witting determination to choose Gehry or a starchitect and construct an iconic edifice? My conjecture is that it was found indispensable by the metropolis governments to use well-known designers in order to derive positive promotion, and I will seek to expose that through chapter 4.Finally, what I find to be the most interesting thing in literature is the impression of how to redefine a metropolis. As explained in the methodological analysis subdivision, a short referral of such metropoliss will be listed while the chief focal point will be the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao and Abu Dhabi ‘s Louvre.

In add-on, whether this can be done by merely any designer or whether it takes a starchitect? Iconic architecture is a channel between metropolis stagnancy and regeneration and Bilbao provides farther illustration of the socially, politically, structurally and economically renewing power this peculiar type of edifice renders. In comparing we shall see whether this will use to research.


Harmonizing to Border and Ruedi ( 2006 ) , “ an architectural thesis should trust on research that is a ) original and B ) besides acknowledges the work of other people ” .

Through the usage of literature reappraisal, I intend to continue to a short scrutiny of Gehry ‘s work manner, largely what is related to wake of Bilbao museum design every bit good as some short mention to its deconstructivism / modernism manner. Another method of research would be to utilize the modernism theories of the twentieth century, and their relation to most iconic edifices. Even through this short comparing will be attempted in a paragraph to analyze whether modernness is indispensable to dwell an iconic edifice and compare it to other iconic architecture, nevertheless, this essay can non spread out to analyze all facets of modern architecture ; therefore it will be limited to a short mention on this affair.Then, the same form of literature reappraisal scrutiny will be provided for New Louvre. Furthermore, critic will be provided as to doing an iconic edifice and whether this is in itself adequate to resuscitate a metropolis, as Cambell ( 2009 ) and others claim. Some claim that this is non plenty, while others judge the consequence of copying edifice manners everyplace in the universe, as Abu Dhabi did. This geographic expedition will be provided from diaries, books and cyberspace beginnings. In add-on, I would wish, should the fortunes allow it, to see on topographic point the museum and metropolis of Bilbao every bit good as the metropolis of Abu Dhabi, in order to experience its aura and acquire a personal thought of the urban design consequence.

Time restrictions have forced me to stop my aspiration to interview some Cypriot designers to see their contemplations on the iconic edifice in general, as it would assist me back up my statements better.Restrictions: While it will be interesting to see whether the museum has a success narrative in all degrees of the metropolis life ( like societal reflects etc ) , or whether the success narrative remains at the representational degree ( Badesku, 2008 ) , the tools such an analysis will necessitate, stay out of the range of this essay.



2.1.Gehry ‘s work

On the procedure of analyzing the iconic position of Bilbao and its importance on the farther history of architecture in the twenty-first century, it is indispensable to analyze some of Gehry ‘s work features and how they consist the devising of iconic edifices.Frank Owen Gehry, is a Canadian American Pritzker Prize-winning designer based in Los Angeles.

His edifices everyplace, including his private abode, have become tourist attractive forces. His plants are cited as being among the most of import plants of modern-day architecture in the 2010 World Architecture Survey, which led Vanity Fair to label him as “ the most of import designer of our age ” .[ 1 ]Impressive architecture and celebrated designers have become indispensable elements of the postmodern metropolis ( Olds 2001 ; Gospodini 2002 ; McNeill 2002a 2005 ; Evans 2003 ; Sklair 2005 2006 ) . Architecture has acquired a life of its ain, and the development of standard tall edifices, such as simple rectangular boxes, is no longer plenty. Architecture exemplifies the globalisation of the urban signifier: ‘it is surely the hunt for architectural icons that drives the procedure in globalising metropoliss ‘ ( Sklair 2005, 498 ) . In a universe of abundant attractive forces, the best architectural designs are considered requirement for the production of immediately recognizable peculiarity, since ‘projecting the “ image of being planetary ” is every bit of import as “ being planetary ” in the competitory planetary economic system ‘ ( Marshall 2003 ) .

This is precisely what Gehry ‘s work has come to set up. As images of an stray edifice now become landmarks and iconic infinites in a planetary capital.[ 2 ]His edifices set up and specify a metropolis: his manner becomes alone and it distinguishes from all other modern-day designers.Much of Gehry ‘s work falls within the manner of Deconstructivism, which is frequently referred to as post-structuralist in nature for its ability to travel beyond current modes of structural definition. In architecture, its application tends to go from modernism in its built-in unfavorable judgment of culturally inherited presumptions such as social ends and functional necessity. Because of this, unlike early modernist constructions. Gehry ‘s ain Santa Monica abode is a normally cited illustration of deconstructivist architecture, as it was so drastically divorced from its original context, and in such a mode as to overthrow its original spacial purpose.It is indispensable to state that Gehry is really much inspired by fish.

Not merely do they look in his edifices, he created a line of jewellery, family points, and sculptures based on this motive.[ 3 ]This motive is something that dominates the Bilbao museum, as we shall analyze in chapter 3.1.Space: infinite has an exceeding function in Gehry ‘s work and in iconic architecture in general: “ There is an immediate feeling of enormousness that encourages people to see these infinites as an extension of the natural milieus enfolding it ” aˆ¦aˆ¦

Ch.2.2 Jean Nouvel

The Gallic Architect Jean Nouvel was born in 12 August 1945.

He studied at the Ecole diethylstilbestrols Beaux-Arts in Paris and was a founding member of Mars 1976 and Syndicat de l’Architecture. His calling has been really succesfull, being one of the starchitects of our epoch and has won many awards, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture ( awarded for the Institut du Monde Arabe which Nouvel designed ) , the Wolf Prize in Arts in 2005. Nouvel has besides won the same monetary value as Gehry: the Pritzker Prize in 2008.When presenting its Pritzker award, the jury commented that:“ Of the many phrases that might be used to depict the calling of architect Jean Nouvel, foremost are those that stress his brave chase of new thoughts and his challenge of recognized norms in order to stretch the boundaries of the field. [ … ] The jury acknowledged the ‘persistence, imaginativeness, exuberance, and, above all, an insatiate impulse for originative experimentation ‘ as qualities abundant in Nouvel ‘s work.

” ( Hyatt foundation )A figure of museums and architectural centres have presented retrospectives of his work ( Wikipedia )aˆ¦ . This chapter is non yet finished



1 Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

The clip had come for such grandiose, iconic constructions to go conduits to metropolis regeneration.Harmonizing to Campbell, Bilbao is a clearly defined era in the history of architecture.Why the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao elicited such an overpowering response to its singularity that sparked an international response and brought acclamation to what was otherwise an indistinct Spanish Community, clearly exemplifying “ how iconic architecture has the power to socially, economically, architecturally and structurally change metropoliss through regeneration? ”Architectural icons are by and large anointed by the populace, and sometimes a long clip after they are built. So why do developers believe that they can make instant icons? Frank Gehry and the Bilbao Guggenheim, that ‘s why. Using advanced computing machine engineering, Gehry designed and built a construction of dramatic originality and formal ingeniousness. The twirling forms covered in extremely brooding Ti were non merely amazingly original, they were like no other edifice that people had of all time seen[ 4 ]Bilbao Museum farther established iconic architecture as a doctrine instead than a mere undertaking of building ( Campbell, 2009 ) .aˆ¦ .

This chapter is non yet finished

3.2. New Louvre Abu Dhabi

Through an intergovernmental understanding signed on March 6, 2007, France and the United Arab Emirates decided to make a cosmopolitan museum, bearing the name Louvre Abu Dhabi, with an gap slated for 2014.

This unprecedented venture lays the foundations for a new type of cultural coaction between two autonomous states, and fulfills common demands and aspirations.In the image of the architectural undertaking by Jean Nouvel who invents a museum-city, a city-world through a fluctuation on the signifiers of Arab architecture, the universalism of the Louvre Abu Dhabi must give rise to a echt cultural mix. In this regard, harmonizing to its laminitiss, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will show its catholicity foremost and first by its aggregations. The geographical, historical and cultural world of Abu Dhabi is that of a span between the East and West, understood in their broadest sense, to which the United Arab Emirates ‘s petition to France has given an added dimension with strong symbolism. Because the history of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is merely get downing to be written, it is easier for us to unlock the potency of this tactic.

In this, we are brought back to the original initiation of the Louvre, when its cosmopolitan career, undertaken to the graduated table authorized by the cognition of the clip, was accomplished. This desire for catholicity extended to other museums for illustration Jean Nouvelle ‘s Musee du Quai Branly. The Louvre therefore extends an invitation, still today, to detect the history of humanity through its aggregation of graphicss, to derive an apprehension of the universe today by detecting and detecting the creative activity of yesterday.the New Louvre, Abu Dhabiaˆ¦ . This chapter is non yet finished



Making visually aesthetic metropoliss is non fresh, nor is the connexion between political leaders and monumental architecture ( Kostof 1991 ) . Still, during the past twosome of decennaries, urban design has gained importance in the planning docket of many metropoliss. The displacement of attack from urban managerialism to urban entrepreneurialism ( Harvey 1989 ) has made metropolis authoritiess more antiphonal to concern demands and more cognizant of escalating competition between metropoliss. They have to come to acknowledge that dramatic and advanced architecture designed by star designers may positively lend to the exposure of their metropoliss.

Such is the instance in worsening industrial metropoliss such as Bilbao or metropoliss which have aimed to better their planetary standing such as Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Designed by the American designer Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has become a cultural icon, re-imaging the full metropolis and making touristry ( Evans 2003 ; Plaza 2000 ) . Petronas Towers were meant to set Kuala Lumpur on the universe map and do it a universe metropolis ( Morshidi 1997 2001 ; Bunnell 1999 ) . In many instances entrepreneurial and long-serving city managers have played a cardinal function in determining metropoliss: Pasqual Maragall in Barcelona, Francesco Rutelli in Rome and Frank Sartor in Sydney are a few illustrations ( McNeill 2001 2003 ; Punter 2005 ) .

[ 5 ]One interesting sentiment on the production of architectural iconicity and its relationship to modern-day capitalist globalisation, is that of Leslie Sklair. While Sklair notes that iconicity can take a scope of signifiers, he is peculiarly concerned to understand the iconicity ascribed to edifices or infinites ( or so designers ) on the footing of their singularity or difference. For Sklair, this signifier of modern-day iconic architecture is now corporate to an extent that is historically unprecedented.Harmonizing to McNeil, metropoliss have become in the demand of using corporate methodological analysis in order to reinvent themselves financially. “ with metropoliss riven by de-industrialization, and authoritiess unwilling or unable to raise revenue enhancements to bail them out, urban directors such as city managers, main executives or caput contrivers, have come to handle the metropolis as corporation ” .

It does nevertheless go evident, that in the instance of Abu Dhabi, money or revenue enhancements was non an issue ; even though, as mentioned above, the focal point was to take from the hydrocarbonate funded economic system, to an economic system oriented to the hereafter sans oil. Largely, Abu Dhabi does non merely desire to be rich, it needs to transfuse and advance its hallmark to the universe. And what better diachronic medium than architecture to make so? A medium that will last in centuries to come, and maintain an iconic position for the state.In the last decennary, bookmans and policymakers have paid greater attending to the function of celebrated interior decorators ‘ pieces of architecture non merely in renewing urban countries but besides in specifying a positive and communicative image in the planetary economic competition among metropoliss. Taking into history the general background of and socio-economic alterations in Western states, this principle assumes that the usage of a well-known designer ‘s name can give a competitory advantage to a metropolis in many ways.

Following this legalizing narrative, metropoliss now strive for signature architecture, sometimes with small respect to their urban context, their size and function in the planetary market, the democratic determination devising procedure and the urban effects. The illustration of Nicosia, with the direct assignment of a regeneration undertaking straight to Zaha Hadid is relevant. With small or no regard ( harmonizing to negative critics ) to the local environment, no consideration to the usage of urban public infinite in Cyprus, a starchitect was selected and paid to plan a “ successful iconic infinite ” . In the same manner, Abu Dhabi has hired most of the starchitects in order to make a new “ hall of celebrity ” : the so called cultural territory contains in a little vicinity the names of Kalatrava, Gehry, Hadid and Nouvel. As McNeil has put it “ Buying Culture ; By Enticing Western Institutions Like the Louvre and Yale, Abu Dhabi Aims to Become a Global Arts Center ” .

aˆ¦ . This chapter is non yet finished


Ch.5.1. Historic illustrations of metropolis regenerations

Through historic mentions to iconic edifices, e.

g Athens fifth century BC, Taj Mahal, New Yorks twin towers, we shall see the connexion between iconic edifices and metropolis regeneration.

Ch. 5.2. Bilbao ‘s regeneration

Bilbao is a municipality and metropolis in Northen Spain, the capital of the state of Biscay in the independent community of the Basque Country.

With a population of 353,187 as of 2010, it is the largest metropolis of its independent community and the ten percent largest in Spain. Bilbao ‘s history begins in the fourteenth century but throughout the 19th century and beginnings of the twentieth, Bilbao experienced heavy industrialisation that made it the centre of the 2nd industrialised part of Spain, behind Barcelona. This was joined by an extraordinary population detonation. However, in the 1980s, several factors such as terrorist act, labour demands, and the reaching of inexpensive labour force from the abroad, led to a lay waste toing industrial crisis.[ 6 ]Therefore Bilbao, unlike Abu Dhabi, was obliged to reconsider its economic beginnings. Since about 1995, there has been a procedure of deindustrialization, with focal point to the publicity of the services sector. This created the demand of investing in substructure and urban reclamation, that started with the symbolic gap of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum ( the alleged Guggenheim consequence ) , and continued with the substructure investings of Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall, Calatrava ‘s Zubizuri, the tube web by Norman Foster, and the Zorrozaurre development program.

Foreign visitants enjoy the milieus of the Guggenheim Museum, a driving circuit of the new Bilbao has allowed a dramatic addition in the sector in recent old ages. : : MailPresents, Bilbao is a vigorous service metropolis that is sing an on-going societal, economic, and aesthetic revival procedure.The Bilbao consequence has added enormously to the touristry of the metropolis. As seen holla, published by hypertext transfer protocol: //www. The ‘Bilbao consequence ‘ spans the district and this is besides reflected in the fiscal histories. The touristry sector “ of great strategic value, ” harmonizing to the city manager, gives the Biscayan GDP over 300 million euros each twelvemonth,


400a‚¬ aprrox.

Spend per foreign tourers that visits Bilbao,

300 million euros gross brings touristry activity to the domestic merchandise.

5.4 % the addition of visitants that Bilbao has won last twelvemonth. In 2009, were 615.


The bilbao consequence has raised bilbaos touristry


3. Abu Dhabi regeneration

Abu Dhabi is the capital and the 2nd largest metropolis of the United Arab Emirates in footings of population and the largest of the seven member emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island stick outing into the Iranian Gulf from the cardinal western seashore. The metropolis proper had a population of 621,000 in 2012 ( Wikipedia ) . Dhabi has grown to be a widely distributed city.

Its rapid development and urbanization, coupled with the comparatively high mean income of its population, has transformed Abu Dhabi to a larger and advanced cities.Equally good as Bilbao, UAE has every bit good made a displacement for its chief economic system, the hydrocarbon that is its chief resources of income ; while the external factors did non forced them like Bilbao, a determination was made to restrict their trust on one fiscal sector merely. This tendency is reflected in Abu Dhabi with significant new investing in industry, existent estate, touristry and retail. As Abu Dhabi is the largest oil manufacturer of the UAE, it has reaped the most benefits from this tendency. It has taken on an active variegation and liberalisation programme to cut down the UAE ‘s trust on the hydrocarbon sector.

The metropolis was planned in the 1970s for an estimated maximal population of 600,000. In conformity with what was considered to be ideal urban planning at the clip, the metropolis has broad grid-pattern roads, and high-density tower blocks


4. After all does it take a starchitect?

In add-on to the above scrutiny, as stated in the debut subdivision, I would besides wish to research whether the work of an unknown designer can transfuse metropolis regeneration.The Bilbao has been commissioning a new coevals of signature designers, for illustration Santiago Kalatrava, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvelle.aˆ¦ . This chapter is non yet finished



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