Two weeks from tomorrow, Worldcon 71 kicks off in the Alamo City. The event is being hosted by LoneStarCon 3 and, of course, will have a large number of Robert E. Howard panels and programs on the schedule.

And the Howard events even get a jumpstart on the convention with a bus trip to Cross Plains to visit the Howard House Museum the day before Worldcon officially starts!The Wednesday bus tour, hosted by Rusty Burke and Mark Finn, is virtually identical to the one from the 2006 World Fantasy Con. Acting as your guides, Rusty and Mark will be pointing out places of interest along the way. Once in Cross Plains, the first stop is the historical Robert E.

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Howard House Museum, next is a lunch break, and lastly a quick tour of the Cross Plain Public Library and downtown Cross Plains, and then it’s back on the bus for the return trip to San Antonio. While the trip takes twelve hours, you’ll find the time will fly by since you will be riding in a luxury bus, which should have a DVD player, so there’s a good chance you’ll see The Whole Wide World on the way back, plus Mark will have some Violet Crown Radio Players CDs with him to entertain you as well.As for the Howard related panels and events beginning Thursday the 29th of August, here is the rundown:

Worldcon REH-Themed PanelsNote: This does not include the panels that are about larger topics that would include REH, such as the Texas Gothic panel and the Weird Texas Author panel. Nor does it include other panels that Howardists will be on. This is the list of concentrated REH panels.  The Worldcon Robert E. Howard program is three times the size of the program at the 2006 World Fantasy Convention.Thu.

12:00 – Thu. 13:00, Location: 008AThe First Barbarian of Texas: Conan the Cimmerian (Literature, Panel)Thu. 13:00 – Thu. 14:00, Location: 101BYou Don’t Know Jack about Bob: What’s New in Robert E. Howard Studies (Authors, Panel)Fri. 10:00 – Fri. 11:00, Location: 102BBeyond the Barbarian: Robert E. Howard’s Other Heroes (Literature, Panel)Fri.

13:00 – Fri. 14:00, Location: Conference 1 (Rivercenter)Barbarian Days: Starring the BNFs of Howard Fandom   (Screening)Fri 16:00 – Fri. 17:00, Location: 102BTwo-Gun Bob: The Somewhat True Tales of Robert E. Howard (Panel)Fri. 18:00 – Fri. 19:00, Location: Exh A – Literary BeersThe Robert E. Howard Poetry Slam! (Poetry, Open Mike)Fri. 20:00 – Fri.

21:00, Location: 006B (160AV)Nameless Cults: Robert E. Howard’s Horror Stories (Literature, Panel)Fri. 20:00 – Fri. 22:00, Location: 007CDThe Whole Wide World (Authors, Film / Video) (Screening)Sat. 10:00 – Sat 11:00, Location: 007CDThe Weird Western: A Celebratory Explanation (Literature, Panel)Sat. 12:00 – Sat. 13:00, Location: 102BThe Howard Boom: Barbarians, Fanzines, and the 1970s (Fannish, Panel)Sat. 15:00 – Sat.

16:00, Location: 003BThe Poetry of Robert E. Howard: The Dark Bard of Texas (Poetry, Panel), (Academic/Poet)Sat. 17:00 – Sat.

18:00, Location: 006BRobert E. Howard: The Weird, West, and Worms (Academic, Talk)Sun. 13:00 – Sun. 14:00, Location: 102AThe Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Westerns of Robert E. Howard (Literature, Panel)Sun. 18:00 – Sun. 19:00, Location: 006ARobert E. Howard at the Ice House (Literature, Panel)Mon.

13:00 – Mon. 14:00, Location:102A“An Age Undreamed Of…”: World Building with Robert E. Howard (Literature, Panel)

The convention is being held in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, located in downtown San Antonio and just a short distance from the world famous River Walk. The Convention Center has two halls (each over 120,000 square feet), large ballrooms, and scores of smaller meeting rooms. The Marriott Rivercenter and Marriott River Walk are the host hotels, with the nearby Hilton Palacio Del Rio handling the overflow of guests.

You can enjoy the Rivercenter Mall with dozens of shops and restaurants, along with other venues for food and shopping situated on the River Walk. The mall, hotels and convention center are linked by the Paseo del Rio (River Walk), a portion of the San Antonio River.It is going to be a Labor Day weekend to remember for Howard Heads, with a who’s-who’s of Howard aficionados in attendance and participating on the panels.