In the essay “Body Ritual Among the “Nacirema” . anthropologist Horace Miner describes a group of people known as the Nacirema. a small known folk life in North America. The manner in which he writes about the funny patterns that this group performs.

distances readers from the fact that the North American group described really corresponds to modern twenty-four hours Americans of the mid 1950’s. The Nacirema’s cultural beliefs are profoundly rooted in the position that the human organic structure is prone to sickness and disfigurement. Consequently. a significant portion of their lives are spent on unusual rites and imposts to better conditions of the organic structure that are filled with charming constituents. How have the Nacirema managed to be? It seems impossible with all of the loads they have brought upon themselves. As Miner mentioned.

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“It seems desirable to depict them as an illustration of the of the extremes to which human behaviour can travel. ” It seems about brainsick! Besides. When sing the physician. there is no warrant one will be cured. In certain instances. one might even be killed ; so why is there such a great sum of religion in the wellness attention system? Why is so much hope and religion put into things that are really harmful?The things that can non be lived without are the things which make everything travel South. Among different rites practiced by the Nacirema.

an of import one involves the “shrine” for it is about impossible to happen a family without one. and the richer the household. the more shrines they have. The rites associated with the shrine are unbroken private.

Each individual worships in forepart of the “charm box” located in the shrine. which holds unmeasurable sums of charming drinks and therapies whose plants are merely known to the medical specialty work forces. The “shrine” is mentioning to the bathroom in each American family. and the “charm box” being the medical specialty cabinet.

The “medicine men” refer to physicians and the “worshipping” behaviour shows Americans’ compulsion with visual aspects. as they feel ugly and are non comfy with the signifier of their ain organic structures. therefore they are ever heightening some portion of them to experience more comfy or fit in. This most usual modus operandi for mean Americans can be seen as eccentric and alien when judged from an outside civilization.

Miner farther describes another important rite. the “sacred oral cavity practice” which involves bring downing hurting by a specializer ( tooth doctor ) of the mouth country to forestall its impairment. along with a different process done by the single in private on a day-to-day footing ( brushing dentition ) . The Nacirema fears the decay of the mouth country. and believes its status besides affects their societal ability. Miner uses the Naciremas’ unusual civilization to set up his position that we merely could non judge another civilization that it is different from our ain.

Horace Miner demonstrates that “attitudes about the body” have a permeant influence on many establishments in American society. He clearly shows that we are ever making something to do ourselves experience or look better. while disregarding the effects. which could be positive or negative. Enormous sums of money are spent on points we feel are needed to remain alive.

Yes. regular physician visits are necessary every bit good as personal hygiene. nevertheless they do non ever necessitate to be taken to the extreme. “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” puts this thought into position. If we were to look at our civilization from an outside position.

we might be schocked!