“Ring Ring Ring… ” the school bell sounded. Lunch has just ended and everyone was supposed to be in their classes by now.

Sydney, my best friend, a careless and clumsy girl, approached my group of friends and me. I carried a happy feeling and smile to school as spring break just ended and this was the first day of school, expecting a ‘hi’ from her. “Did you STEAL my phone from my locker? ” Sydney questioned me really loud and in a mean way as if I’m a prisoner. A happy and joyous feeling just turned into madness in me.Who do you think you are? I have an iPhone 4g and I don’t need a Samsung phone like yours!!! But of course, I didn’t say that. “NO! Why would I? ” I answered.

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Why is she blaming me for something I haven’t even done? True I’m her closest friend, true that I know her lock combination, and true that she’s mad at me for having a sleepover with another friend, but she doesn’t have to accuse me wrongly! I thought to myself as I was fuming mad while also turning red in embarrassment.Whole minutes go by and Sydney just stares right at me. I didn’t know what to do! Just stand right there in the middle of the hallway waiting for the principle or be late for class or just ignore her and walk away? As we stood there, stunned, I heard heavy footsteps coming towards us. I turned around and saw… THE.

Here’s their conversation… I was so pleased that Mr. Pratt appeared. “Who is Sydney? ” he asked.

“I am,” Sydney answered. “Well you are blaming Madeline for stealing your phone? ” Yes, because she’s the only person that knows my lock combination” “Come to my office. ” I had no idea what will happen to Sydney in the office. Will she get detention for wrongly accusing me? Even though she can be mean sometimes, she’s STILL my best friend.

A few minutes passed and…

“Hello everyone, welcome back to school! I would like to request for everyone to look for a Samsung cell phone that belongs to Sydney Kim Minji. If seen, or found, please immediately return to lost and found in the middle school foyer.Thank you, and enjoy the rest of today,” Mr. Pratt announced on the speakers. Only forty-five minutes have passed and a tall girl that looked like a seventh grader stepped into the office. “I note sure iff dis ise Sidneie’s fhon, butt I saw dis in girl batrom,” she said in a Korean accent.

I couldn’t help laughing. That was hilarious! Anyway, everything went on smoothly, everybody had a good first day of school, and Sydney and I made up. Hmmm.

.. Today was not as BAD as I thought!