‘In Year of Wonders it is the female characters who display the greatest strength and resilience. ’ Do you agree? In the ‘Year of Wonders’ courage and perseverance is shown by the female characters such as Anna Frith shows resilience when she overcomes the death of her husband and her children to help others in need, Elinor Mompellion shows will power when she overcomes her past to try to life a happy life with Michael Mompellion and Anys Gowdie shows courage when she jumps in the well to rescue her aunt Mem Gowdie.

Anna Frith shows that she is able to bounce back from negative experiences such as when her husband Sam Frith passed away Anna showed courage in her ability to ‘tend to so many [other] people’ including her children in whom she gave all her love to. After Anna’s babies passed away Anna continued to show strength by showing her love to the people around her.

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Such as tending to others even though she was hurting on the inside, Anna had the physical strength to go to others and sit with them as they slowly passed, but she also had the mental strength to get through each day, to get herself out of bed each morning and to try to continue to live life as normal as she possibly could. Elinor Mompellion shows will power by trying to forget about what happened to her in the past. No one in town except for Michael Mompellion knows what Elinor went through and the reason for her being in town. Elinor ‘believes it is natural to want to forget when everyday [of the plague] is a brimful of sadness.

Regardless of her past Elinor still lives every day to the fullest and which also shows her ‘kindness and her unwillingness to judge the faults in others’. Because she was also once ‘lost in the fires of [her] own lust and did not greatly care’. But Elinor through her mental and physical strength managed to put all that behind her and with the support of her friends especially Michael, got through her horrors and torments and doesn’t a hint of anything that’s happened to her in the past. Instead she like Anna covers up her feelings and by helping others distracts herself from her own feelings.

Elinor and Anna aren’t the only ones with physical strength Anys Gowdie is too. Anys Gowdie shows physical strength by when she jumps in the well after her aunt is thrown into the well because she was said to be a witch. Anys shows her physical strength not only by jumping into the well but by being able to ‘drag [her] limp body’ out and then to resuscitate her. Anys bravery may have resulted in Anys being seen as a witch and hanged. She is also brave when she distracts the crowd with the bold accusation but this is in vain but even when she is dying she does it knowing about the one life she has saved, her aunts.

It’s not only Anna Frith, Elinor Mompellion and Anys Gowdie that show the greatest display of strength and courage, there are also many others such as Aphra who has the physical strength to take care of her children, but also the will power to convince her husband Josiah Bont to stay in Eyam and not to leave, this is shown by ‘if we take to the road who will feed us? ’ Aphra appeals to Josiah’s sense of living and need of survival, to convince him to stay in Eyam.

Also Mary Bradford shows physical strength by when she returns to Eyam with her pregnant mother and requests the help of Michael Mompellion, Mary Bradford brought her pregnant mother back from London all by herself with only using the physical strength that she has and not requested the help of other until she had arrived in Eyam in which she dearly asked Michael Mompellion for help regarding her family. Mary Bradford showed great strength in the time of great need. Anna Frith, Elinor Mompellion and Anys Gowdies all show strength and perseverance in overcoming their negative experience and display the greatest sense power and resistant.