Last updated: May 13, 2019
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He smiled and took a drink from the bottle. He then thanked her and went back to his silence eventually, going to sleep. In the morning they awoke outside another restaurant and but this time and Bingo went inside of the restaurant and the girl insisted that he join them. When they got back on the bus, the girl sat with Bingo and slowly he began to tell his story. He had been in jail in New York for the last four years and he doesn’t know if he is still married or not. He would write to his wife to leave him if she couldn’t stand him being gone tort a long time and to forget about him.

He was going home not knowing if his wife found someone new, He was on his way to Brunswick, and there’s a great oak tree just as you come into town. He told her it she would take him back, she should tie a yellow ribbon to the tree and if she didn’t want him, there would be no ribbon. The bus drove closer and closer to Brunswick and finally arriving to the destination. The girl and her friends stood up cheering and screaming because there were hundreds of yellow ribbons on the tree. As the young people shouted, the old man slowly got up from his seat, and made his way to the front of the bus to finally go home.

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