Last updated: March 23, 2019
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The most difficult part in writing a 250 word essay is to remain restricted to the word limit! After all, it is not easy to say what you want convincingly and compellingly, when you have restrictions of time or word limit. However, with some preparation, even this can be accomplished. Let’s look at some best practices around writing this essay. First, bear in mind that this is going to be a short essay and your sentences should be simple and to the point.

This is important because there is every chance of your getting carried away with a single thought and not realizing that you are almost at the end of the word limit without proving your point. To avoid this, choose a topic that you’re comfortable with and that you can write effortlessly about. Remember, if it is a 250 word essay, you will also be given just about enough time to write only that much and will have to plan your time too. Therefore, if you need to write quickly and to-the-point, crisp sentences, you should first choose a topic that you’re comfortable with.

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Pick a topic that is familiar and that you can write about easily. Plan an initial framework in your mind and begin with a short thesis statement in your introduction. Your 250 word essaywill follow the usual structure of an introduction, body and conclusion. However, due to the word limit, every paragraph needs to be concise and brief. Therefore, your thesis statement also needs to be short and should capture the essence of the essay in a few words. The body part of your essay should elaborate on your thesis statement, but again using direct, short and crisp language.

Complex sentences and elaborate language are best avoided because they may need additional explanations. Support your topics with examples. Again giving just one or two examples will suffice because you do not have the luxury of accommodating many examples since you have the word limit factor. For instance, let’s assume that you were writing an essay about the need for conservation of paper. In your example to prove your point, you can explain about how many corporate and business houses are turning green and avoiding printing of paper by including the line ‘Save paper.

Print only if necessary’ in every official email. This example is relevant, crisp and very apt. Therefore, other examples are redundant. However, if you think you did not prove your point with one example, you may write another one, but again remember to be very conscious of the words you’re utilizing because you still have the conclusion to write. Coming to the conclusion, like most essays, this should be a concluding statement summarizing your introduction and body in a brief manner.

Close your essay with a short outline of the most important takeaways. Again, constantly remind yourself of the word limit. This becomes very important for you because later, while writing your research paper or term paper, there will be many occasions when you have to summarize an entire module or topic in a very few sentences. So, writing a 250 word essay will set the ground for you! You will also find essay samples and dissertation writing help on our website.